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How can coupling stations be monitored?

mo describes different concepts for a source-destination mapping

In issue 28 we introduced different multipoint conveying systems, including machine-related conveying systems, which are connected to the different material sources via coupling stations (or tables). …

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How can disturbances in the vacuum supply be avoided?

mo explains measures to maintain the vacuum

Disturbances in a conveying system can lead to expensive production downtimes. Regular maintenance of the system can help prevent disturbances. …

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What is to be taken into account with regard to the material discharge?

Mo describes various concepts of the material discharge flaps

One task of the material supply is to convey material to the hopper loader on the processing machine. …

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How is the plastic granulate separated from the conveying air?

Mo reveals the secret of the “suspended plastic granule”

In the broadest sense, operation of a hopper loader can be compared with a vacuum cleaner – but with one significant difference: …

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How can metallic impurities be eliminated?

Mo explains the use of metal separators

Even the smallest of metal particles in the melt can cause costly damage. There is an extreme danger for nozzles and hot runner systems as well as for the tools, which means waste as well as loss of production. …

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How can noise emissions during material handling be reduced?

Mo explains: methods for quiet conveying

The noise levels during plastic processing are caused by many different sources. In regards to material handling there are two main sources of noise: …

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